Vale Louise Blue

Louise Blue (she was Miss Woods at first) was a founding member of the staff of Watson High School in 1965. She moved on in the ACT public education system to become a principal and a highly respected educator.

She attended as many of our reunion gatherings as she could and was always great company and interested in what we were up to. Sadly she has passed away. She had been hoping to attend our get together in October. We will miss her – a lovely lady. We will send a card on behalf of our year group and at least one of us is able to attend the funeral. Our sympathy to her husband and family.

We have made a donation on behalf of our year group to , a wonderful charity set up by her son, Gavin.

If you have any memories or comments to share, feel free to add them here.

2 responses to “Vale Louise Blue”

  1. Pamela Bourke says:

    What a Wonderful & Inspiring Teacher. You were ‘the Best’. I will always remember you ‘Miss Woods’ & your inspiration to many’you can be anything you want to be – you just have to ‘believe’.’Those we love don’t go away – they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed & very dear.’ Thank You Louise. XX Pamela Bourke (Crook)

  2. Meryl Elphinston says:

    I was so hoping to meet Louise again at the October reunion, but sadly not to be. It took me quite a while to call Miss Woods and Mrs Blue, Louise. Louise inspired me to try hard in the areas that interested me, in needlework I achieved an Advanced pass in 4th Form amazing myself and also my needlework being chosen some of the best in the state (NSW & ACT). I have kept in contact over the years and will always remember what she gave me, confidence and perseverence and the chance to excell in what I loved.