2017 reunion

On the evening of 20th May, many ex-Watson High class of 1969 students, (including students who started with us at Watson in 1965 and left before 1969) gathered at Yowani Country Club for a dinner and happy reunion. We were delighted to be joined by some teachers from that era: Louise Blue (and her husband John), Betty Growder and Lyn Gorrie from the Maths Dept., John Fleischer, Alan Murray and Kathryn Peaston, who was our music teacher and musical director of WHS musical productions in our final two years. It was lovely to catch up with them after many years, in some cases!

Ex-students from those years came from far and wide, including Atlanta, Georgia in the US, Yeppoon, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Yass, the South Coast, Melbourne, and the Mornington Peninsula. Thanks to all who made the journey to join us! It was a night of happy connections and the group photo reflects the general feeling of the evening. We all had memories to share, and the uniqueness of our school experience was not lost on us – being the senior year through our whole high school experience from 2nd form to 6th form meant that we were very close as a group and also forged strong attachments to our teachers.

We’ll look to having a fiftieth reunion (can it really be that long?) in two years in 2019 so if you were in that cohort, please keep in touch and let us know if your email or contact details change. We’d love to see more of our group and will try to give everyone sufficient warning so they can plan their lives around the date. Thanks again to those who came and made it such a positive and fun evening!

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Yolanda, Lillian and John. Paul and Barbara. Pam and Dolores. Paul and Salli. Attila, Kim amd Kathy. Janice, Koby and Nigel. Nigel and Guy. Annette and Greg. The melee before we all lined up for the photo. John and Louise, a member of the first Watson High staff in 1965. Lesley and Pat. Alyx, Anna and Lynne. Guy, Kathy, and teachers Alan, Lyn, Betty and Kathryn. Faye, Phil and Deborah. Class of 1965-2017 - Yowani Golf Club, Northbourne Ave., Canberra ACT, 20th May, 2017 Attila, Anna, Lesley Paul, Alyx, Tricia and Pat The buffet - Dolores leading the way John and Louise Blue and John Fleischer. Faye, Yolanda and Annette Phil and Koby Paul, Guy and Kim Salli, Kim and Janice Paul, Yolanda and Faye Lunch at the Mercure in Ainslie: Paul, Yolanda, Pat and David, Faye, Pam and Anna Pam, Anna, Salli, Janice, Tricia and Deborah Janice, Deborah, Kathy, Paul, Yolanda and Pat Pat, Faye, Janice, Pam, Anna and Salli Kathy, Paul, Yolanda and Pat. Greg and Koby. Barbara and Greg. Kathy. Kathryn (Peaston, music teacher extraordinaire) and Lesley. Dolores and Phil. Deborah and Kim. Tricia and Pat. Paul and Alyx. Two Fayes! Guy. Kim, Nigel and Attila. Lillian, Kim and Nigel. Koby and Louise (Blue, who was on the very first Watson High school staff in 1965!) Dolores and Lesley. Paul, whom many of us hadn't seen since about 4th form! Barbara and Pam. Paul. Lillian and John. Lynne and Kathryn Peaston. It's become hard to tell the ex-teachers and ex-students apart! Anna, all the way from Georgia, USA! Lillian and Yolanda .

5 responses to “2017 reunion”

  1. Anne Evans says:

    Great to see the photos for those of us who couldn’t attend – many thanks team! You may have to include surnames next time…..

  2. Rosilyn Vardanega says:

    Surnames next time please. Sorry but you all look so old, hang on, so do I. Hope my health holds out for the 50th reunion. Cheers! Rosilyn Vardanega (nee Johnston)

  3. Attila Kaszo says:

    SO OLD?….nah, just a state of mind or thereof. Just got tickets to see Paul McCartney, he’s 75 and still selling out shows. My old mate Paul L. came to the reunion for the first time, he and I can still remember Watson High…so we can’t be so old.

  4. Anne Higgins (neeCarpenter) says:

    Great photos guys. Sorry I couldn’t make it.
    No, none of you look a day older! Hope to make the next one. Yes surnames would be helpful.

  5. Paul Levier says:

    My mate Attila defends “old” as being a state of mind and then proceeds to announce me as his “old” mate! But he is right, my first attendance at my class reunion and I loved it. Sometimes it’s not age that makes us forget, but, it might just be selective. I hope I never forget my memories of attending WHS, although it was only a meagre 1.5 years.