Lunch, 30th May, 2010

A small but select group of us gathered for lunch at Olim’s on a rainy cool Sunday for a drink and a hearty lunch.  Making the drive from Sydney were Koby, and Ian and his wife Carole. Attila and Margaret drove up from the  coast. Thanks to them for making the journey!  We hadn’t see Ian since Year 10 – fortunately he hasn’t changed much at all (and we told ourselves we hadn’t either!) The rest of us came from a lot closer.

Salli made a cameo appearance for an hour or more before leaving to play in a concert with her U3A orchestra. The rest of us stayed and chatted till mid-afternoon; it was very pleasant and relaxed. Thanks to our ex-teachers Louise Blue (who’d had to pull out of last year’s reunion at the last minute) and Peter Searle with his wife Pat for joining us too. Only took a few pictures this time – those who attended but are missing from the pictures are Salli, Kathy and Michael’s wife Anne, as well as most of Vicki (sorry about that!)

Sorry if you missed this event. If you didn’t get an email about it and would like to be on the list, please let us know. We will probably have a random casual get-together every now and then, perhaps annually (after all, a lot of us will turn sixty in 2011 and 2012!) Suggestions are welcome.

We’re also still trying to trace ex-students, such as Lynne Edwards, Michael Harrison, John Fleming, Robert Hoffmann, Gavin James, Margaret Power, Erica Wymark, Keith Skelton, Jim Moyes, Milenko Reminic to name a few. If you know what happened to them please email us at We’d also welcome more photos of our days at Watson High, so think of us if you clean out your old memorabilia!

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Margaret (Attila's better half), Louise Blue, Attila, Pam and half of Vicki (whoops!) Ian, Alyx, Michael, Peter and Pat Searle, Margaret. Pat and Peter Searle, Pam and Attila. Tricia, Koby, Ian and Alyx.

One response to “Lunch, 30th May, 2010”

  1. Louise Blue says:

    Thank you for organising the lunch at Olims. I was so sorry to miss the big reunion last year but I was in hospital with a broken foot. The lunch gave me a lovely opportunity to catch up with many faces (and names)from my days at WHS. It was surprising to see how close in age you are now to me…..if you are all about to turn 60 then there isnt much difference between us. It will be a couple of years before I turn 70!!

    I still have the wedding card signed by the whole school in 1965. I keep promising Kathy that one day I will declutter the storeroom and find it and make a copy for your archives.

    Keep well……you were a great group of “kids”.

    Louise Blue