Watson High today – now Canberra Technology Park

Here are some photos of the old school taken by Attila early this year (2010). It closed as a school in 1987, only 22 years after first opening. The building still looks much the same from outside, but has been extensively refurbished inside, as you can see from “A” block.   And of course the courtyards in each classroom block were roofed over not long after we left – what a crazy design for a Canberra school! Remember freezing as we waited in line outside the classrooms in winter?

Most of the classroom blocks are tenanted. The school hall was unavailable to be photographed, unfortunately. Watson High memorabilia (mainly old photos) is now consigned to a couple of boxes in the ACT Education Department archives. There was very little from the early days when we were there  – we’ve reproduced the ones that came from our era on the website (mainly class photos). But the school still lives on in our memories and those of our teachers!

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The front of A block, April 2009 Front Entrance, Watson High, now Canberra Technology Park. Students rarely used this entrance. Reception, Canberra Technology Park - used to be the front office in A block of Watson High. Foyer / Reception - towards classrooms- used to be Science labs. Canteen Area, where we had school socials for the first few years. Note - no bumps in the floor like when it was first built! Canteen Area - mmm, remember those cream buns! Many of our mothers helped Mrs Johnston and her assistants here, and senior girls were rostered on to help at recess. Canteen area. In the early days for the weekly school assemblies, the students would sit on the floor and Mr Sweaney would address us from the balcony above. The lift at right is new. Quadrangle Area from the podium. We would line up here every morning for assembly.  Many of us sat in the alcoves for lunch. Quadrangle Area from the podium. The oval started where the Library is now. Quadrangle Area - looking towards Watson Shops. Note the library, built after we left. Quadrangle Area - looking towards podium. The trees were planted after our time. Footpath leading from School (Schweppes!) You'll have to ask Attila or Vickie about that one! View from WHS to Cnr Phillip Ave - Bradfield Street (Watson's House) Hasn't changed much! Building alcove near front entrance, from where Attila's launched his missiles from the top floor (see "The exploits of Attila, part two".)

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  1. Dolores Schneider says:

    thanks for these additional photos. I remember sitting in the reception area to have our class photos taken. The Calamity Jane photo ( we can can girls should remember)was also shot there. I would give heaps for another one of those cream buns. I did so love the mock cream and line of red jam. Alas these days – its a moment in the mouth a month on the hips.